Kitchen Cabinets Costs

Kitchen Cabinets Cost

We can work with you to reduce your kitchen cabinets costs while giving you the kitchen of your dreams.

When planning a kitchen remodel, kitchen cabinets cost can account for about half of the total cost of your remodeling project. On the one hand, cabinetry seems the logical place to try to save money by choosing less expensive cabinets. On the other hand, however, it seems to make more sense to invest in the best cabinets so you will not need to replace them so soon.

It would be amazing and wonderful to be able to reduce the cost of your remodel by spending less on kitchen cabinets cost and getting better cabinets at the same time. The good news is that kitchen cabinets cost can be a pleasant surprise when you are dealing with the right cabinetmaker. The right cabinetmaker will have a purchase agreement with a cabinet distributor that provides a discount on high quality stock cabinets and the skill to customize stock cabinets to your specifications.

Here is an example illustrating a difference in kitchen cabinets cost. Stock drawers are available in various under-counter sizes. Drawer heights are available only in three and eight inch heights. What you have seen in a custom cabinet and want in your kitchen, however, is an eight-inch high drawer that is divided inside into a three inch top drawer nestled above a 5 inch bottom drawer, all accessed with a single set of pull handles.

A custom cabinet in the wood and finish you have chosen for your kitchen renovation will be costly. If you are working with a cabinetmaker that customizes stock cabinets to your specifications, you pay for the stock cabinet and the modification or customization of the drawer. If your cabinetmaker has a discount relationship with a distributor of high quality stock cabinets, you might pay about the same amount as the kitchen cabinets cost of the stock cabinet in a home improvement store.

What will you do manage kitchen cabinets cost for a kitchen renovation in a very old or historic house? It is common to find that measurements are not as accurate in old houses or that corners are rarely true 90° angles. In this case, your options are very limited: custom cabinetry or customized stock cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets cost can quickly become prohibitive if you decide you need custom cabinets to provide for other specialized needs in your kitchen. If, for example, you want a wine cooler in your kitchen and you want its outer face to match your cabinets, you need custom work. The same is true if you want refrigerated or freezer drawers that blend with your cabinets.

If there are two cooks in the family and the kitchen is short on counter or workspace, meal preparation can quickly resemble a game of Twister. Customizing a few drawers to include a pullout work area atop the items stored within can quickly restore harmony. The best news is that a cabinetmaker can help you manage kitchen cabinets cost by customizing a stock drawer to meet this need for a fraction of the cost of a custom drawer.

Some people find kitchen cabinets cost too high when they want to use spaces that otherwise would be wasted to make items available where they are most convenient. You would need to take on the added cost of custom cabinets to have a spice rack in the side of the island adjacent to the cook top or to have a narrow pullout system of racks for canned goods in the space beside the refrigerator.

All of these needs (and more) can be met by buying custom cabinets or by reducing kitchen cabinets cost with the help of a good cabinetmaker. Kitchen Cabinet Value can pass on our savings by buying high quality stock cabinets from a distributor who offers a discount and then customize those stock cabinets to meet your specific needs. Kitchen cabinets cost can be reduced while you build the kitchen of your dreams.


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