Custom Kitchen Islands


Custom Kitchen Islands: The Center of Kitchen Design

The right island will make any kitchen both functional and beautiful. They can form the center of a kitchen design. The challenge is to learn where you can find custom kitchen islands to meet your needs at an affordable price. The answer is to work with the right cabinetmaker.

Many cabinetmakers charge a small fortune to build an island that meets your needs. Most pre-designed and pre-fabricated kitchen island designs will not provide the combination of features and dimensions you want. Your options are to use something you do not want or to pay for the custom island.

There is a very good option. By working with a cabinetmaker that has a relationship allowing him or her to buy cabinets directly from a manufacturer, it is possible to customize affordable standard-size cabinets into the island you want for your kitchen. Even the kitchen island cabinet offered by the manufacturer can be customized for your needs.

Kitchen cabinet islands actually offer the greatest flexibility in island design and construction. Your island can hold a cook top, a work surface or a sink. It can combine an informal dining space with a cooking area or a clean-up area.

Your island can even be a self-contained food preparation area. You can include an under-counter refrigerator or freezer, refrigerated drawers, food storage, storage for pots and pans, a food preparation sink, an oven, a microwave or a quick-access beverage and snack area. You can use anything from butcher block or a cook top to stainless steel for the surface.

You can also combine two or more surface heights in your custom island. In a large island, it is possible to combine a food preparation area, a quick-access snack and beverage area, and a casual dining area, each at a different level above the floor.

If you are designing a highly functional gourmet cook’s kitchen, you might be planning several distinct work areas in your kitchen. Your island can form the third point of multiple work triangles and connect the parts of the kitchen, or it can separate the areas of the kitchen. For example, an island with a gas range can connect a baking area a clean-up area and a food-preparation area for salad making, etc.

Alternatively, you can position your island to create a barrier between the dining and entertaining area of your kitchen and the work area. Refrigerated drawers can be used to make snacks and appetizers available, as well as cold drinks. Your island could also include an under-counter wine cooler or refrigerator. By including a microwave and a small freezer, you can make snacks available to your children in an area that keeps them away from the dangers of the stove.

Custom kitchen islands have become an important element in kitchen design. They can serve a range of functions in your remodeled, new or upgraded kitchen. Working with a good cabinetmaker to customize affordable kitchen cabinets can create exactly what you want in your finished kitchen at a price that will not break the budget.


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