Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak kitchen cabinets provide timeless beauty.

One of the most important decisions made when remodeling a kitchen is the material and style of the kitchen cabinets. Particularly in North America and parts of Europe it is natural to ask if oak kitchen cabinets a good choice. The answer is very simple, oak cabinets are always a good choice.

Oak has a very distinctive grain that is not similar to any other trees. Oak kitchen cabinets are desirable for a number of reasons:

  • Oak is very hard. English oak has a harder surface than many other varieties, making it especially popular for furniture.
  • Oak is known for its unique open grain.
  • Oak is synonymous with strength and sturdiness.
  • Oak is heavy.
  • Oak is strong and durable, making oak kitchen cabinets a very good choice.
  • Oak is often associated with dignity.
  • Oak is very desirable for furniture and for this reason oak kitchen cabinets are prized.

Types of Oak

There are nearly 300 varieties of oak throughout the world. At least 50 varieties grow in North America. Most oak is divided into one of two types or families: white oak and red oak. White oak tends to be less porous and more durable. It is believed by many to have a better color than red oak, and for this reason it is often preferred for furniture and kitchen cabinets. White oak has a finer texture and a more prominent figure. It is more resistant to moisture and fungus. This is a major reason oak kitchen cabinets are so popular. Red oak tends to have a reddish cast and a coarser texture.

Two Ways to Cut Oak

When building oak kitchen cabinets or oak furniture, it is possible to choose strait or plain cut oak or quarter-sawn oak. The difference will be very obvious. Oak has strips of a special tissue that radiates from the center of the tree or log out to the edge. These strips of tissue look a great deal like spokes of a wheel. When the log is cut through by quarter sawing, the boards will show flakes of smooth wood. The effect can be very beautiful. Quarter sawing does not produce the same effect in narrow strips, but it can be spectacular in cabinet doors.

Oak kitchen cabinets can create a truly beautiful and luxurious room. When matched with oak window and door frames, chair rail, and other trim, as well as oak kitchen stools, table and chairs, etc. the total effect can be breathtaking. Mixing the right varieties of oak can eliminate sameness and produce a result that is totally unique. This makes oak kitchen cabinets an outstanding choice for your kitchen remodel.



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