Kitchen Cabinet Door Knobs



How to make the proper selection…

Kitchen cabinet knobs and handles are the whipped cream on top of your dessert. They are the finishing touch on the most visible part of your kitchen – the cabinets. Considering that 40 – 50% of the cost for kitchen remodeling or renovation is in your cabinetry, the choice of kitchen cabinet knobs is very important in putting that dollop of whipped cream on the pie.

The sheer number of options available to you when choosing kitchen cabinet knobs can be overwhelming. But the choices can be quickly narrowed down if you approach the task systematically.

Here is a selection process you might wish to use:

1. Decide if you want the most popular choice of the moment or if you want to use kitchen cabinet knobs to personalize your kitchen.

2. Consider the design and style of your new kitchen. If you have a traditional or a country kitchen, you can rule out the sleek modern designs. If you have a contemporary style kitchen, rule out the ornate styles.

3. Decide what materials you want to consider. Do you want metal, porcelain, glass, wood, tile or stone?

4. Do you want knobs or handles?

5. Do you want stationary handles or handles that lift?

6. If you choose metal, which metal and finish do you want? You can consider:

  • Copper
  • Polished copper
  • Brass
  • Polished brass
  • Chrome
  • Brushed chrome
  • Gold-tone
  • Nickel
  • Brushed nickel
  • Bronze

7. Installation must also be considered. Think about what you will store in drawers and the stress that will be exerted on drawer pulls with use. Then consider whether you should look at single screw installation or installation that used two screws.

8. Can you match other hardware to the kitchen cabinet knobs you are considering – visible hinges, appliances, etc.

9. Finally, check the price. Which of your options is the best fit for your budget and the design of your kitchen?

This process should lead you to a choice of the most appropriate kitchen cabinet knobs and handles. If you consider all of the options and match everything carefully, your kitchen cabinet knobs will accentuate the beauty of your new cabinetry.


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