How to Obtain a Quote

When someone contacts us, the first question most frequently asked is … “My kitchen is X’ by Y’. How much for the cabinets and counters”? Or, “I’ve got a small kitchen. How much do you think cabinets will cost”? Be wary if you receive a quote from that limited information. There are many contributing factors in determining an accurate quote. Not to worry, the necessary information is easy to gather. Below are three foundational elements for estimating the price of your new cabinets and/or counters.

1.    Accurate measurements
2.    Selecting a door style, finish (color) and cabinet features
3.    Special design considerations, such as:

  • Appliance type and dimensions
  • Lazy Susan
  • Pantries
  • Glass doors
  • Crown molding
  • Roll out shelves

After collecting the above information, you’re ready for a highly accurate quote. Simply schedule an appointment with our Designer. During your visit to our showroom, you will:

  • See for yourself the exceptional quality and value of our cabinet selection.
  • Receive a 3-D design for your project.
  • Receive a quote for cabinets, granite counters, installation and/or delivery.

Completing your kitchen or bath project will require a few more decisions: flooring, wall colors, window treatments, etc. These choices can be made before or after your visit with us. Our Interior Designer is willing to help.

We believe an informed consumer is the best possible customer. Use our website as a resource to educate yourself on the wide variety of cabinet choices in the marketplace. This should be a top priority. Cabinet features and quality will be the largest contributing factor to the price you pay.

Effective management of time and resources benefits everyone – we’re able to better serve our customers and you’re able to SAVE MORE MONEY! The opportunity to meet with educated and prepared consumers is highly valued. For individuals who know what they want and are able to place an order on their first visit, we offer a variety of additional benefits for FREE. Please click here to print a copy of our ‘First Visit Special’ certificate. Give the certificate to our Designer during your appointment.

When you’re ready to receive the best possible value for your cabinet needs, Click Here to schedule an appointment or call 586-362-0538.